Charles Owen V8 riding helmet


The latest Generation by Charles Owen

  • The V8 encompasses all of the latest Charles Owen technology to create the coolest helmet possible
  • Featuring the new Charles Owen "Free Fit" system which allows for increased airflow across the forehead, the V8 combines a frontal air channel with a Coolmax® mesh which significantly increases cooling and evaporation of sweat
  • The outside of the V8 is covered in a smooth mesh for a sleek and updated look
  • The most unique feature of the new V8 helmet is the removable headband liner, which is machine washable
  • By removing and washing the headband liner, the V8 will stay odor-free and feeling fresh
  • This is the first Charles Owen helmet in the U.S. that includes this distinctive quality
  • "Designing the V8 was very exciting," said Roy Burek. "I am delighted to be able to create a helmet that provides the utmost in coolness and comfort while still protecting riders to the highest safety standards."